The Start of Upside

Parker Ruiz, Founder of Upside Web Design, has years of practical and invaluable experience working with WordPress every day. It all started when a family member’s business of over 30 years was taking a hit due to the world’s changing marketing scene. Their website wasn’t doing them any favors and people weren’t looking for contractors in the good ol’ phone book and newspaper anymore. As an opportunist with a passion for learning and adventure, Parker went to work designing and coding his first website to help his family. But, guess what? It turned out terrible!

The Road to Professional Web Design

Nevertheless, spurred on by this amateur mishap, he was inspired to try again, and again. Until, finally! A website he could be proud of emerged. A passion for web design was then kindled. Thus began a long road of learning the ins and outs of web design and development, networking with other local professionals and diving into several courses in web design. That initial website trial run sparked a zeal for the art of creating engaging websites that would last a lifetime.

Upside’s Specialty Today

Today, Parker is designing and developing websites for small to medium-sized corporations all over South Florida.

Parker has focused the majority of his web design career on WordPress website development for South Florida based companies. He has fine-tuned his skills during his years administering the marketing efforts of multi-million dollar construction associated businesses. This experience in the construction realm helps us to be of better service to our customers who work in the “trades” including plumbers, carpenters, general contractors and so on.

Here at Upside Web Design, we have a passion for taking South Florida businesses to the next level one website at a time. We value our client relationships above all and strive to treat each one with the care and attention they deserve. Looking for a modern website to jumpstart your business? We would value an opportunity to earn your business. Contact Upside Web Design today!